Here are some answers to questions you may have in regards to our store offer.

Fees and Charges

We do not charge for your stores setup, this is currently being offered for FREE.

There would be a $200 per month fee charged for our standard store plan. This covers the ongoing costs for hosting as well as us managing updates, security and code maintenance of your store.

We do not charge any ongoing commission or success fees based on the amount of sales your store sells. This is something a few other developers are currently offering; a free store with ongoing costs based on your stores profit. While it may initially sound attractive, you will soon realise that you would be paying thousands of dollars each month.

Domain Names

If you don't already have a domain name, then we would initially register one for you for FREE, when you sign up for our current store promotion. If you already have a domain name, then we can assist in pointing this at the new store for you. This can either be based on www.yourdomain.co.nz or as store.yourdomain.co.nz.
We are offering to purchase a .co.nz domain for you for FREE, this would cover the first twelve months of registration. After the initial 12 month period, we would then charge a domain renewal fee of around $40 per year to retain that domain name.
No, you can use any domain name you wish - though we are only offering a FREE .co.nz domain as part of our store promotion. If you wish to use another non .co.nz domain, there would be an additional charge to purchase that domain name.
You would own the domain name, that we would be purchasing on your behalf. We would ensure that any domains purchased would be registered with your details as the domain owner.
We can assist you in using your current domain for your store so it points to store.yourdomain.co.nz. Your existing website would not be affected as that would still be available as www.yourdomain.co.nz. If you already have a website, we would not recommend having an additional domain name purchased. This then means you have to market and do search engine optimisation for two separate sites.

Your Store

You will own all of your stores content, the domain name and any information collected when orders were placed. As the stores setup is FREE, you are paying a monthly subscription fee to cover our ongoing costs and are effectively paying for access to a Friendlyhost store under your brand name. This works in a similar way to how other online platforms work (ie: Xero or MYOB) , where a monthly fee is charged to access the technology online.
No, this offer is for your store to be hosted only at Friendlyhost. If you are interested in hosting somewhere else, then you would need to purchase your store outright. We would be happy to discuss this as an option with you.
Yes, you are able to make certain design changes that fit within your stores theme and templates. Any requested changes that do not fit within the standard theme and templates can be completed for an additional fee at $120/hour + GST. We would not undertake any chargeable work without your prior consent. All invoices and emails also allow customisation to suit your companies brand.

Yes, you can login and manage your stores products via the admin. The store also allows uploading a csv file to add or edit your products or stock levels - so you can also do this offline, then upload a file each day to alter your stock or pricing.

Each product allows changing the following information

  • SKU
  • Name
  • Description
  • Images
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Attributes and Variations
  • Prices (standard and special)
  • Stock levels
  • Tags/keywords
  • Categories.
  • Product Up and Cross Sells
  • Meta Data

This demo store is a full example of all of the functionality we offer in our standard store plan. Try it out for yourself, you can complete a full checkout including an online payment using the example credit cards shown within the checkout. This will also send you an example order email confirmation.

Here is our standard list of functionality within each store:

  • Manage products and their full details
  • Import and export products via csv
  • Import and export product stock levels
  • Manage product categories and tags
  • Manage all of your pages content or add new one
  • Manage the stores blog
  • View store reports on sales by day, month, year or custom dates
  • Manage orders via status, each status automatically sends emails to clients
  • Automatically or manually send PDF invoices to clients
  • Add private notes or send a note to a customer via email
  • Manage discount coupons (by amount, percentage or free delivery
  • Manage customer details
  • Filter products on store by categories, size, color, price or ratings
  • Allow or disallow product star ratings
  • And so much more...

The $200/month store plan allows for adding up to 50 products. If you require more than 50 products then we have other extended plans available. These plans extend the number of products allocated to the store. If you go over the store allocation then you would be given the opportunity to either reduce the number of products being shown, or to move up to the next plan tier.

Our store plans are as follows:

  • Standard plan up to 50 products: $200 per month
  • Bronze plan up to 100 products: $300 per month
  • Silver plan up to 200 products: $400 per month
  • Gold plan up to 500 products: $500 per month
  • Platinum plan over 500 products: price on application
Yes, we are professional web developers and are able to add additional features and functionality on request. There would be additional fees required to add these extra features, these would be quoted for separately at the time of your request.
No, you can cancel at any time. Cancellation has to be done via email or a letter confirming that you wish to cancel the store and understand that a cancellation means your site would be deleted at the end of the current paid monthly term. On request and at cancellation, we would also supply you with a full list of your customers, products and orders.

Yes, but ongoing SEO is not included within our plans.

When we set your store live, we setup Google Analytics and Search Console so you can track your sites visitors and how it performs in Google search. We also set up a number of tools to optimise your site for speed and to aid in making your site SEO friendly.

If you need assistance with SEO and marketing your store, then we are able to offer professional support in this area, at an additional fee.

We set up your site with a secure certificate so it runs under https, we also look after all of your sites security updates to keep it as up to date is it can be. Our servers also have intruder detection set up, to mitigate any potential known risks. We actively block any suspicious activity happening on your site automatically. We do not store any credit card details, we only use Stripe.com for online payment, so any credit card information is handled within Stripe and not held within your website. This all helps to minimise your risk.

Friendlyhost are managed hosting specialists, so we use this knowledge to help protect you online and to keep your site running fast!

Yes, we run daily backups off-site in two separate locations, this ensures we can recover any store back to the previous nightly back (or earlier) if required.